Crystal Waters Slot

Do you love diving in the deep sea and exploring the new under water creatures? If yes then you can easily do so with the help of real time gaming company, which has created one more exciting and exploring video slot which you can easily find on the net and in casinos also. This exploring video slot has given the title of crystal waters video slot which will take you to do depth of sea and will help you explore a new world of lovely under water creatures who will also provide you some exciting prizes. Diving would never be this much easy and interesting before thanks to the real time gaming which provides so much ease to the explorers.

Crystal waters video slot is loaded with 5 reels and 20 winning lines from which you can easily from your winning combinations and can win exciting prizes without any head ache. You can put or start betting with the minimum $ 0.01 per pay line, and you can also increase the betting amount up to $ 5 .00 per pay line. If you want to have been maximum winning chances then you should activate all the 20 winning lines, which will enable you to form more winning combinations, and you will be able to get the highest payout of this video slot, which is 4000 coins. If you do not want to put that much money on stake but want to have your 20 chances then you can also active all the 20 lines by putting $ 0.20 per pay line. However, this would not help you to get the highest prize of 4,000 coins. The second highest prize of this video slot is 2,000 coins. Keep one thing in mind that cash prizes depend on the size and quantity of the coins that you will place on betting.

If you cannot find this game in casino and does not find dollar in your country then you can also play it online for real money as the company also provides the currency denominations in this video slot for the convenience and ease of the foreign players throughout the globe. You might see the amount in dollars but this will automatically be converted into your respective currency and will be deposited into your account automatically. However, you required a good internet connection in order to play this game online.

The speed of crystal waters video slot is medium and cannot be adjusted according to your need but this game provides you auto spin feature, which is rarely fond in other video slots available in casinos or on the internet. An auto spin feature provides the players comfort and ease so that they can also do other works and see the winning combinations after finishing their work. Before using this feature you should know about the details of this feature. First you have to decide for the betting amount the coins then decide the spins you want to play on this video slot.