Braveheart Jackpot Slot

Braveheart Jackpot Slot has 5 reels and 25 video paylines. Cryptologic had designed the software and the game is based on the Hollywood blockbuster “Braveheart” casting Mel Gibson.The movie had won 5 Oscars and it is evident that even the game has great excitements for the gamers. The game can be played for denomination as low as $0.01 up to $20.00 for each payline bet. The minimum and maximum bet amount differs from $0.01 to $500 for each spin. The Braveheart Jackpot offers “Battle Free games” feature to the players, which kindle a battle between English and Scots. The features include scatter symbols on many lines, stacked wild symbols, wild multipliers, battle free spin, kilt bonus and Hollywood jackpots also known as Random Progressive Jackpots. The Braveheart Jackpot can offer a maximum bet amount of 2,000 credits for each payline except for the Hollywood jackpots that happens in five different levels.

The wild as well as the multiplier symbol for the game is the Braveheart symbol. It substitutes for all other symbols and also multiplies the grants. The symbol doubles the payouts of the satisfied winning combinations while acting as a substitute symbol. The Braveheart symbols become “Stacked wild” symbols when they appear on a reel in three numbers at the same time. These stacked wild symbols can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations.

The scatter symbol for the game is the “Weapon” symbol. The Braveheart wild symbol does not substitute for the “Weapons” scatter symbol. If 3 or more scatter symbols appear wherever on the reels the “Battle Free Spin Bonus” feature is activated. This bonus feature will offer, “10 free spins” to the players and doubles all the winning combinations. The remaining free spins are displayed at the bottom of reels. During this feature, a war between the Scots and English is shown at the top of the reel.

Every Braveheart symbol supports the Scots and the Longshanks symbol supports the English. At the time of “Battle Free Spin Bonus” round if the Scots lead the battle after the free spins are completed, a “Battle bonus’ of “100x” the activated bet is granted. In case the game gets disconnected in the middle, it will resume from the last completed free spin when you restart the computer.

The “Kilt Lift Bonus” feature is granted if the kilt symbols appear wherever on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel at the same time. Players are allowed to choose a kilt to disclose the hidden bonus prize. Players may also get an additional pick of kilt or “Win All” is granted. During the “Kilt Lift Bonus” feature you can earn up to “50x” the activated bet. This feature can be acquired in the “Bonus Free Spin” feature but the winnings are not doubled.

The “Hollywood Jackpot” feature can be activated at the end of the game and is activated at random. If you wager higher amounts you may get many chances of activating the Hollywood jackpot feature consisting of five levels namely “Smash, Epic, Classic, Acclaimed and Blockbuster”. Players can nine stars arranged in a 3x3 manner and they need to pick four stars. Each start will disclose a movie clip bearing points. The points have to be accumulated in multiples of 25 from 25 to 125 points to move to the next level of this jackpot feature. You will have to cross the same number of stars to move to other levels until you reach the “Blockbuster Jackpot” prize.