Caribbean Carnival Slot

The Caribbean Carnival Video Slot was basically made available to fans of Video slot games across the world in mid of September in the year 2008. This is among the three video slots which are combined all together in a sub slot game which is named as the Baby Boomers: Cash cruise.

In the case of Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise, there are three video slot games which are Alaskan Adventure Video Slot game, Caribbean Carnival Video Slot game and the Greek Getaway Video Slot game. If you wish to have an experience of playing the Caribbean Carnival Video Slot game then all you are required to do is to play the Baby Boomers: Cash cruise Slot machine and then you will be able to play this video slot game. This is the basic criterion which needs to be fulfilled for users to enjoy playing this video slot game.

There are plenty of features that are available in the Caribbean Carnival Video Slot game, which has attracted thousands and millions of fans across the world who wish to have casino games experience. In this type of video slot game, the unique feature is that of a wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune is an important feature of this game which will allow you to win plenty of prizes as well as bonuses or additional jackpots. As by its name, the Wheel of fortune, you can understand for yourself this very idea of winning the top prizes or in other words your wheel of fortune will get opened by it. Besides winning the prizes of value that are of huge worth, you can also get to win free and complete access to one of the slots amongst the three that are made available for the players. All the three gaming video slots are very interesting and equally appealing to the fans of online gaming across the world.

The Caribbean Carnival Video Slot game has one other feature that is widely considered as a unique feature across the gaming arena. This video slot game consists of two sets of different rounds that are as well considered as the bonus rounds. Among these two bonus rounds, the first of them comprises of a play through shuffle board that is done for the money. And as for the second bonus round, it consists of shooting while targeting several or in fact numerous clay pigeons for the money.

The round that is named as the skeet shooting round actually gets started through three or when more than three pigeons will be appearing on the screen. And then the shuffleboard game shall be starting as it appears at your screen. There are several cases in the shuffleboard in which the player has won more than 405 sets of coins or some people have also won 450 set of coins which is as well considered as a handy amount of money. All the people who tend to be the fans of the online video slots should try this game.