Wall St. Fever Jackpot

Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot is one of those uncommon slots games. Maybe Playtech is not the biggest slots game developers in the world. Microgaming and RTG are surely the best placed companies considering those matters, and some specialists are claiming that Cryptologic managed to grab the third place in the latest moths. However, the game developer is not important, as long as the game gives you a great graphical experience and some increased chances to win an important bonus. as we are talking about lots of money, you can be sure that Wall Street theme is suited for this kind of game.

Gordon Gecko is an infamous Wall Street Trader that managed to destroy the lives of thousands of people. He bought some small companies and bankrupted them only for a few extra dollars. Don’t worry, as you will sleep without any problems after playing Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot. The game will give you the possibility to win some important bonuses, without any worries about ruining other people’s lives.

The Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot is a 5-reel 5-paylines slots game. Don’t be discouraged about the small number of paylines, as this game could be more rewarding than those slots games having hundreds of paylines. You will have the possibility to bet from 0.1 to 0.5 cents. Wild, scatters and bonus game are available, and the minimum guaranteed progressive Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot is 100 000 dollars. With those impressive figures, you can be sure you will spend many time in front of your monitor with this game.

Hit the Bet Max button if you want to win the Progressive Jackpot. The screen is well divided, so you could navigate the menus immediately. However, even if you can’t afford the maximum bet to win the huge jackpot, there are other interesting in-game bonuses for you.

The in-game Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot is 15 000 coins. We are currently unaware of another in-game slots bonus of this size. No special software is required to play this game, although the casino of your choice might require you to download the main platform. Choose your provider carefully, as you could also benefit from some important signup bonus.

The Wall Street Signs symbols would bring you 100 000 coins. However, there is smaller Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot such as the second jackpot of 2000 coins. You will win this prize with 5 Bulls Symbols, and there is also a smaller prize of 1000 coins with five PC symbols. Check the winning combinations and paylines, and make sure to adjust the bet according to those needs.

Overall, Wall St. Fever Jackpot Slot is one of those games that attract different players for different reasons. The increased number of jackpots will attract those jackpots established hunters, while the interesting theme and the friendly interface will be attractive for free players and low rollers. Considering the fact that you could win more than 25 000 dollars with a low bet, you should also try this game at least once in a lifetime.